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The Treatment of Women in Photography/Modelling (open)

With this series of shoots I want to make a statement that just because these are photos of naked/semi-naked girls it doesn’t diminish them in any way, nor does it give anyone any right or entitlement to judge or own them. As a group (photographers, models, MUA’s) we need to do our utmost to protect the wellbeing of those we work with; and that starts with understanding that while our own particular behaviour may not be part of the problem that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. We should always promote safe working and go above and beyond in protecting others. Let’s hold ourselves and our peers to a much higher standard.

I am currently looking for volunteers to take part in this project – there are plenty of ideas and concepts left – including projecting body insecurities as words onto bodies, having people walk through clouds of common insults, and many, many more.

The first shots were a real technical challenge – using a projector and low light in a studio. Thankfully I had the super-helpful and patient Katy Croft in front of the lens and makeup from Clare Bell.